Photo by: Summer Hopper Photography


I'm Heather - a proud wife and boy mama to two amazing little rascals, a huge dog-lover, and lifestyle photographer by birth, who disguised myself as an entertainment and digital marketing exec for 15 years.

When I was young, I’d document EVERYTHING under the sun with whatever camera I could get my hands on.  Hundreds of thousands of photos later, I realized I was happiest when I was busy crafting evocative, storytelling images.  It wasn’t just my love of making beautiful pictures or hearing that oddly gratifying shutter click, it was that I was experiencing a moment worth capturing.

I wanted my images to encompass the beauty, the setting, and the emotions (both visceral and subtle) of these particularly intimate moments in time that stood out to me.  I wanted my pictures to tell stories, and I fell in love with the challenge of making my images feel just as magical as those precious, fleeting moments that inspired them.

So I started taking photography classes and diligently honing my craft. I developed my process and my visual style, invested countless hours practicing, and I realized something.  I wasn't simply documenting moments that were already happening.  I was starting to create magical moments, cherished experiences and vivid memories for others, just by having my camera! It was then that I knew I needed to dive into photography full time.

Now, what I love most is interacting with incredible clients who become lifelong friends.  Getting glimpses into their lives and collaborating with them to make magic together. If you're ready to have an amazing time creating fun, framable memories together - I can't wait to meet you!



business cell: (424) 235-5356